Epson Photo Paper Glossy Review: Good for Professionals?

Hi there!

I am a photographer and a content creator and this is my short review of the Epson Photo Paper Glossy.

🟢 Check prices for Epson Photo Paper Glossy

I purchased the 50 sheet pack because it has a really good price to value ratio.

This is not the Premium paper, but the simple plain Photo Paper Glossy. This has a matte surface on one side with the Epson logo on it, that is not recommended to be printed, and a nice medium glossy surface that gives an oldschool feel to the printed photos and it is only recommended for inkjet printers.

With an Epson printer and the color profiles the prints are really nice on it, good definition, good colors, right on spot with my calibrated monitors.

I use it mainly to print my photos for personal use, or as gift to my family, but I also used it for some client work and clients love it, no complains about quality so far. Maybe if I would print for an exposition I would use a higher quality paper and a pigment based printer.

I tested it on consumer grade printers, colors are consistent, sharpness is good, I am satisfied with the purchase.

See ya in the next one loco people.

🟢 Check prices for Epson Photo Paper Glossy

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