Logitech MX Keys Review: Frustrating but good

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, I highly recommend checking out the Logitech MX Keys. This bad boy is seriously impressive!

First of all, the design is sleek and modern. It’s slim, yet sturdy, and the keys are backlit which is super handy if you like to work in low light conditions or just think it looks cool, which I totally do. The keys are also very responsive and have a nice tactile feel to them, which makes typing a joy.

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I usually use it like 8 hours on a daily basis for coding or for editing photos and videos. The battery used to last for 7 days, so I usually charge it on the weekends.

Another cool thing about this keyboard is the ability to connect it to multiple devices via Bluetooth. This means you can easily switch between typing on your computer, tablet, and phone with just the touch of a button. It’s seriously a game-changer for anyone who needs to work on multiple devices throughout the day.

Also need to mention that the keyboard will not work on cable without the provided USB receiver or Bluetooth pairing.

What I don’t like about the keyboard, is that there is this small Shift button next to the backslash, which I always press instead of Shift, but there is another layout where the Shift is wider and the backslash is placed somewhere else.

Another thing that drives me crazy, is that the backlight goes off too soon after typing, this is to save battery, there’s a really short timeout for that, and there’s no option to change it in the provided software. Hope that Logitech will make an update for the software to set individual timeouts, thousands are asking for it.

The only workaround for this is to keep the keyboard plugged, so the lights won’t turn off, but hey, why buy a wireless keyboard for that?

Another thing that I don’t like, that there is no gap on the F button groups, and I usually use F5 a lot to refresh the pages I’m working on, so I constantly press other buttons and can’t find it easily as on other keyboards where there is a gap between F4 and F5.

Overall, after a couple of weeks I’m used with these flaws and I like with the Logitech MX Keys. I think it’s totally worth the investment if you’re someone who spends a lot of time typing and wants a reliable, versatile keyboard that looks and feels great.

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